Beenden and enden are easily mixed up. These two verbs cause a great amount of confusion because both verbs are related to each other. In the graphic,  I want to show the correct usage of these commonly confused words.

Take look at the sentences and decide whether beenden or enden is the correct answer. Some of them may require the verb in the past tense or future. So make sure you pay attention!


German verbs

Finde die Lösung. Find the right answer.

(you can find the solution at the end of this post)

  1. Wann _____ der Kinofilm?
  2. Dieser Zug ____ hier.
  3. Ich muss unsere Stunde heute  früher ______, weil ich zum Arzt muss
  4. Der Chef hat die Besprechung schon vor 20 Minuten ______.

Now, I want you to come up with 4 sentences containing the words beenden and enden.


Take your unique chance to get feedback on your sentence(s). I am happy to help you and I am eager to read your sentences.

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die Lösungen (solutions): 1. endet 2. endet 3. beenden 4. beendet

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