Language apps for learning German

the best apps for language learning
the best apps for learning languages

The best language apps for learning German

There are countless apps out there to help you improve your language skills. Whether you are going on vacation, studying for exams, or maybe you want to bring languages in your everyday life, apps are always a great way to boost your language learning. And most of them are free.

In September 2018, I wrote the blog post: 5 fun ways to learn a language! and now I wanted to create a collection of other resources. Have you already read my tips?

I created this post for you to have an online resource of the best and effective language apps out there. Whether you are a language teacher or learning a language, you can use the apps to improve your language skills or introduce your students to fun ways to learn a language.

Below are my and my German students’ favorite language apps, which we use when practicing languages.

Carina, will you update this list? 

Yes, definitively! I will update this list on a regular basis and add many more apps. There are a lot of gems I haven’t tested out yet and I am also curious what apps will be developed in the next years.


learn German with apps

A student of mine recommended Beelinguapp, and I have been a huge fan of the app ever since.  I use it to improve my Spanish listening, vocabulary, and pronunciation skills.

What are the functions of Beelinguapp ?

Beelinguapp is a language app that shows you a story and the translation of it simultaneously on your screen. To be honest, I am amazed by all the wonderful language apps out there, however;  I am tired of having installed a language app and then still having to access a dictionary for looking up words. Beelinguapp shows the text in two languages, which saves you the time of looking up new words online. You can choose between many languages and the split-screen feature is great. The whole app design is beautiful.

Also, the first thing I noticed was that the app highlights both sentences.  You immediately see what text is being read and don’t have to find the correct sentence for the translation. I love this feature.


the best language apps

Clozemaster is an app designed for learning and practicing languages through a contextual learning approach.  You can earn points for the correct answer, which adds gamification to the language learning experience.  You can get fluent while scoring points and compete against your friends or classmates. So if you are in kind of a language blues and can’t find new motivation to study, Clozemaster is a wonderful tool to shake up your study routine.

How does it work?

Cloze exercises (Lückenübung as we German speakers would say (literal translation: gap exercise) are great vocabulary builders and with Clozemaster you can change the grade of the exercise’s difficulty too. You can type the word in the gap and if you can’t find the right answer or are unsure what the right answer is, you can change the mode of the game and choose the correct answer out of 4 given answers (single choice exercise).


learn German with Duolingo

I am sure you belong to the majority of people who have heard of Duolingo before. If you belong to the small percentage of people who haven’t heard about Duolingo, please let me know. I am 100 %  curious and would love to know what was the first app you used for learning languages or if you have used apps before at all.

Apps like Duolingo, Babbel, or Memrise were the first language apps I and other language learners used when starting our language journey many many years ago. So far Duolingo has more than 7 million downloads in the Google play store.

What to do after Duolingo?

In the Duolingo app, you can earn daily XPs on your language journey. You can work yourself through a variety of speaking, listening, translation, and multiple choice challenges.  But what happens after you have completed Duolingo? Check out Clozemaster’s blog post. They wrote a detailed list of tips what you can do after finishing the Duolingo tree.


the best apps for learning German

During my Christmas break, I found out that LyricsTraining has an app too. I always practiced Spanish on the website – but not I will use the app.  It is available on Android and IOS. I couldn’t have been happier since I use my computer for work-related things (teaching, writing, e-mail,…. ) and I already spend way too much time staring at my computer screen. Using the app on my mobile phone and practicing while I’m on the bus on my way to one of my German students, is a great way to get a little practice in.

I have experimented with Lyricstraining and my plan is to focus on 2 or 3 Spanish songs every month. That gives me enough time to remember the songs by heart (German: auswendig lernen), practice, and have fun in the process. What about you? What are your favorite songs and have you found them on LyricsTraining?

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