how to improve your vocabulary with music

Do you struggle with remembering new words and phrases? 

Believe me. You aren’t the only one. I have been learning Spanish the last few months and didn’t use the most efficient system. All the new words I write in my notebook are still waiting for a repetition. I write them in my notebook, have a look at them one day later and then I forget most of them (What a pitty!).

I wanted to create a system for me that worked. I didn’t want to do boring repetitions where I open one page and just try to remember the words. I needed to pack them in a conversation, story, or a song. With this method, it was significantly easier to remember the words. The connection to a specific context made it much easier to and all the words were packed in sentences. This made it much easier to use the words in sentences because they were presented that way.

The first song I picked for you is Lieblingsmensch by the singer Namika. She has a clear pronunciation and it is easy to sing along -even for beginners.

I added the German and English lyrics at the end of the page. The English translation is not a word-by-word translation – please be aware of that

Namika – Lieblingsmensch

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Connect the words to the synonyms on the right side:  You can write your answer in the comments
  • fühlen, schmecken
  • die Plörre
  • die Tanke
  • aufbewahren
  • ein wässriges Getränk
  • lagern
  • die 4 Sinne
  • die Tankstelle

Apps that will help you learn German

  • Are you a German learner and need help with learning new vocabulary?
  • Do you feel that you can’t remember new words even though you studied them just a few days ago?
apps for learning German

If you answered “yes” to one of these questions, you are invited to take an online trial lesson with me (hello, I’m Carina if you don’t know me yet) to help you improve your speaking skills and eliminate grammar mistakes step by step.

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fühlen, schmecken – die 4 Sinne
die Plörre – ein wässriges Getränk
die Tanke – die Tankstelle
aufbewahren – lagern

Ja, genau. Wunderbar, Sundar.

I know the feeling of taking notes and never referring to them again!

Though I am interested in a few languages, french has been the one I gravitate towards and would like to be fluent in.

When not swamped with may things to do, I listen to the news using streaming apps. I find I’ll need to full immersion. But will give using music as an additional tool while working on moving.

I try to immerse myself by listening to English and Spanish sitcoms, music and reading books. Italki has helped me a lot. There you can speak with tutors for a small amount.

Music is such a powerful tool for learning! I’ve used it to teach myself a few things over the years. Great post!

I totally agree. Listening to music from South America helped to improve my pronunciation. I finally can roll my r!

When I was still a student I used to use music to remember certain phrases, words etc to help me during exams.

Songs are a great way to learn the language! But because I learn my German with Rammstein, my vocabulary got quite specific 🙂

hello everybody
i hope you well.
please if you have any free website address for German music please send me
or if you have any German music please send for my email
thank you very much.

Find: step into german and deutschmusikblog. I use this in my classes.

You can search Pandora for German music and create a channel.

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