30-day German challenge

boost your speaking skills

The 30-day German challenge is for absolute and advanced beginners who want to become confident in speaking German.

Daily German practice (July 20 – August 20)

The 30day German challenge will take your language skills to the next level, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced beginner.

The 30-day German challenge is simply the idea of creating a learning routine

you can incorporate into your life each day for the next 30 days.

Do you want to learn German grammar in small-bite size lessons that are easy to follow and interactive?

Do you want to improve your German language skills so that you can tell better stories and communicate fluenty and effectively?

Do you want to increase your vocabulary while studying grammar in a fun and engaging way?

a picture of an online German teacher

Meet Carina, a German teacher from Austria

I help German learners go from …. to passing your German exam by preparing you for … in 4 weeks.

I love learning and teaching languages and want to make learning German accessible for all students. My teaching approach is communicative, caring and learner-centered.

Vocabulary topics

Introducing each other, food and stores, being at the doctor, talking on the phone, booking an appointment, asking for the way and instructions, family, clothes, hobbies, furniture, traffic, work, culture, daily routines, discussions, …

Grammar topics

regular and irregular verbs, question words, sentence order, negation (kein and nicht), articles (der, die das), adjectives and adverbs,  past tense (Perfekt and Präteritum), German cases (Akkusativ, Dativ), pronouns, prepositions, comparative and superlative, future tense

What’s inside the 30-day German challenge (A1)?

  • You’ll get immediate access to the course and the materials

  • You can join 20 live classes (60 minutes) where we practice in small groups

  • You’ll get access to our private Learn German FB group where you can ask questions, write examples and get feedback, and communicate with other students

  • You’ll get access to all Google Slides so that you can print out the materials and take notes

  • BONUS:  amazing quizzes for you to practice German Grammar

  • BONUS: all live lessons will be recorded and you can re-watch them as often as you want

What students say

Find the right online teacher - review German teacher
review of an online German teacher

detailed explanations

Practise your German grammar with clear and short explanations. Then, put your grammar knowledge into practice by speaking activites

lot’s of practice

Check your progress with a quiz after each lesson to consolidate your learning and help prepare for the next lesson

Wiederholung Perfekt

and revision

Downloadable study materials (grammar sheets and videos), listening practice and reading comprehension exercises.

German grammar exercise Perfekt
Test your German grammar

20 small group lessons 

In your group class with me, we’ll review the main grammar rules + vocabulary and work on a personal stragety to reach your language goals.

We’ll meet online via Zoom for your German class. This is the perfect oportunity to work on your speaking skills. I want you get the most out of your conversational lesson so that you feel more comfortable speaking German.

Join us in the 30-day German challenge lesson before the price goes up

Right now, the course is offered for $ 280 (€  ~250). It’s the perfect time to learn German online.  Los geht’s! Let’s start!

online German teacher

Hallo, I’m Carina

 I like to make learning fun and help language learners boost their speaking skills. Whether you are working on a job promotion or want to converse to make new friends, I will help you achieve that!

As the coronavirus continues to make life very difficult  forlearners across the world, I  want to make language education more accessible for all of you

What do you need to learn a language online?
A strong internet connection. A device to connect to the internet (your phone, computer, tablet). The free video conferencing tool Zoom.
video conferencing tool Zoom

 Zoom can be used on all devices (phone, tablet, and computer) and it gives me the option to record our classes and upload them for you to review.

headset and microphone

In online teaching, the quality can make a huge impact. You can use your built-in microphone, a headset, or your phone earplugs.

computer, tablet, or phone

I recommend using your computer for our live classes. But a good mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet, is also useful tool for learning online

The reasons why should learn a language online
learning German online flexible schedule
Flexible schedule

You can learn German during your lunch break, before your morning walk with the dog, or practice German late at night (on your comfortable couch) without the constraints of a strict schedule.

Learn from anywhere

One of the downsides of taking a course at a a language institute is having to take into account the travel time. With online learing, on the other hand, you safe the commute to your local language school

learn German with a teacher
Repetition & Feedback

Repetition is crucial in learning foreign languages. Online courses offer you the chance to go back and listen to your teacher’s feedback. You can repeat a specific topic, take the quiz again, and learn at your own pace.

Ready to start learning German?

Join us for $ 280 (~250 €) before the course starts on July 20

You can access a new chapter (unit) each day. On July 20, we’ll have the first online group class.


Achtung (attention): this price will change soon